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Rishi and Vibhuti Accessories Range Has A Lot To Offer! Explore Now!

Rishi and Vibhuti Label has been breaking new horizons and the duo has recently added some cool Accessories to their portfolio. The brand is offering Designer Sling Bag, Dupatta and Belt online that is quite a range, offering premium quality through their products. Check out our Rishi and Vibhuti Homes Collection range too, which has luxury Candles, Tablescapes, RV Gift Box, and RV Gift Potlis. So let’s dive in and give you a glimpse of what is there in offering for you this season. We can start with Bags, where you have been offered Dine-in Desert. A Beige Bag in Jute Fabric Featuring Sequins and Jutework Details. It is ready to ship the item with a timeline of 25-30 Days. Also consider The Snow White, a Clipon Bag in Rose Gold Color, enhanced by Sequins and Lace Work that adds to your stunning look. Also checkout Rishi and Vibhuti Couture Collections. Coming to Belts from Rishi and Vibhuti Accessories, here is Pinch Me Pink. Available in Hot Pink Belt in Cotton Featuring Sequins and Threadwork. Also try our Marshmallow Belt, offered in Ivory Colored Belt in Georgette with amazing Threadwork and comes in Free Size. To know what all is trending right now in the fashion arena, here is Rishi and Vibhuti Best Sellers.

Try Our Cool Dupatta, Bag, and Belt from Rishi and Vibhuti This Season!

Mint Constellation, is our Potli Bag in Georgette with Tassels that is ready to ship, and similarly, our Vintage Twill is Jute and Cotton Bag in Ochre Color with Lacework on it. One of the most popular bags this season is Galaxy. It is a Multi-Colored Potli Bag in Jacquard with Tassels. Coming to some fine Dupatta choices you have from Rishi and Vibhuti, we got you Cashew Nut to start with. This beauty is offered in Ivory Organza Foiled Dupatta with Lace Border. Soft Truffle Dupatta is one of our best sellers, which comes in Ivory Colored Mirror Work Dupatta. Try some latest in Rishi and Vibhuti Womenswear Collection here.